Poorly Drawn Recordings is a record label based in Providence, RI, USA, originally established in 2005 as a hip hop collective called Poorly Drawn People. 

Over the years, PDP released projects from numerous members & affiliates, including 3 award-winning, critically-lauded collections (spearheaded by core members Storm Davis, Dox Ellis, and Reason) under the Poorly Drawn People name. Other key releases included the Dox-produced album "Dusty Pickup", from emcee Symmetry; Storm Davis' solo debut "Kegstand Poetry"; DC/MD DJ/MC duo Educated Consumers' "Hello Big Mama" CD; a series of beat tapes from producer Falside; and Reason's criminally slept-on sophomore effort "Landlords & Lullabies".

As of 2015, Poorly Drawn Recordings primarily serves as an outlet for the glacially-paced musical output of Storm Davis.

Poorly Drawn People lives on as a social club for gentlemen of leisure, reuniting each Autumn for the traditional contest of psychosexual fantasy football. Also, whiskey.


PDP001 Storm Davis - Rye Commentary EP
PDP002 Symmetry - Cat Drop Complex
PDP003 Poorly Drawn People - Spring 2005 Label Sampler
PDP004 The Mean - Stitched Fixes
PDP005 Entity - Past Due
PDP006 Poorly Drawn People - Long Cold Winter [2006 Label Sampler]
PDP007 Storm Davis - Kegstand Poetry for the Recovering Alcoholic
PDP008 Storm Davis - Kegstand Radio
PDP010 Reason - Gemini Slang
PDP011 Poorly Drawn People - Thirty Three & A Third [2007 Label Sampler]
PDP012 Symmetry - Dusty Pickup
PDP013 Poorly Drawn People - Nothing Stays Gold
PDP014 Poorly Drawn People - Shoot For The Stars, Hit The Ceiling
PDP015 Poorly Drawn People - Motion Not Emotion
PDP016 Reason - Landlords & Lullabies
PDP017 Reason - Stalker Stories
PDP018 Falside - Dollars Make Change
PDP019 Falside - Jesus Shaves
PDP020 Educated Consumers - Hello Big Mama
PDP021 Falside - Beats For Spring
PDP022 Esh & Dox - Invisible
PDP023 Falside - Snare Conditioning
PDP024 Entity - Second Wind
PDP025 Storm Davis - Songs I Made With Poorly Drawn People (2005-2010)
PDP026 Reason & Dirty Hank - Monty Brogan
PDP027 Storm Davis - Only Built 4 Cuban Sandwiches
PDP028 Storm Davis - Snugglebunny (7-Inch Single)
PDP029 Storm Davis & Dox Ellis - Illest It Gets? (7-Inch Single)
PDP030 Storm Davis - Spartan (7-Inch Single)
PDP031 Poorly Drawn People - Shoot For The Stars, Hit The Ceiling
              (10th Anniversary Edition)(12-Inch EP)