• Image of Storm Davis & Dox Ellis - Illest It Gets? 7" Lathe Cut Record
  • Image of Storm Davis & Dox Ellis - Illest It Gets? 7" Lathe Cut Record
  • Image of Storm Davis & Dox Ellis - Illest It Gets? 7" Lathe Cut Record
  • Image of Storm Davis & Dox Ellis - Illest It Gets? 7" Lathe Cut Record

- LIMITED EDITION of 30 COPIES in the universe

- hand-screenprinted recycled chipboard covers w/ screenprinted mylar sleeves - no 2 covers are the same!
- signed & numbered
- includes liner notes & sticker pack
- digital download available upon request - just leave note on your order

Side A

"Illest It Gets?" (Apache ReDox) (2015)
Produced by Dox Ellis
Mixed by Vertygo & Storm Davis
Recorded by Vertygo at Beat Box Studios, Pawtucket, RI

Side B
"Illest It Gets?" (Original Version) featuring Symmetry (2005)
Produced by Dox Ellis
Mixed by Entity
Recorded at Manse Abbondanza, East Greenwich, RI
Words from Storm Davis about the "Illest It Gets?" EP:

In 2005, soon after the formation of Poorly Drawn People, Dox Ellis & I began sessions for what was to be our magnum opus: "Robot Rock & Necktie Blues". Forget that neither of us had released an album, solo or with a group, at that point in time. This was going to be the greatest album ever. Or, pretty damn acceptable, at least.

"Illest It Gets?" came out of these sessions, and somehow found its way on to my solo debut LP, "Kegstand Poetry", in 2006.

10 years and a thousand shows passed, and we performed a half-dozen versions of "Illest It Gets?" to thousands of people, and it always went over better than anything else we did. And we did a lot in that span: group albums, other solo projects, tours, ladyfriends, far too much fantasy football. But what we never did was finish "Robot Rock & Necktie Blues."

Now, Dox is leaving our New England home for the west coast, and I count it as one of my life's biggest regrets that, after all those years, we never got the robot to rock. So, in case we never do, I wanted to mark his departure with a tribute to what may wind up being our greatest single 'single', and I pressed up a super-limited edition 7-inch lathe cut record of the version of "Illest It Gets?" that started it all, plus a brand new recording of the remix that always went over the best live, the "Apache ReDox." Consider it one more for the road.

Maybe "Robot Rock & Necktie Blues" was always meant to be made in Los Angeles. Maybe it was never meant to be finished at all. But what I'm certain was meant to be was that decade of my life that I spent standing next to Dox Ellis, onstage and off - the greatest producer I've ever known, one of the best people I've ever known, and one of the best friends I could ever hope for.
released October 10, 2015

01 Illest It Gets? (Apache ReDox) (2015)
02 Illest It Gets? (Original Version) (2005)*
03 Illest It Gets? (ReDox) (2007)**
04 Illest It Gets? (ReDox) Instrumental
05 Illest It Gets? (Apache ReDox) A Capella

*originally appeared on Storm Davis - Kegstand Poetry for the Recovering Alcoholic (2006)
** originally appeared on Poorly Drawn People - Nothing Stays Gold (2007)

Graphic design by Storm Davis
Covers & sleeves for 7" screenprinted by Teeth Like Swords, Pawtucket RI